Global COVID-19 Access Tracker

The ACT-Accelerator and Multilateral Leaders Task Force Global COVID-19 Access Tracker (GCAT) is a dynamic tool to transparently track progress towards the global targets for access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, tests and PPE.

1.87 Bn
Doses delivered by COVAX to date
164 Mn
Tests delivered via ACT-A to date
US$ 276 Mn
Treatments & O2 supplies delivered via ACT-A to date
Health Workers
US$ 736 Mn
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) delivered via ACT-A to date


  • The top priority is to protect highest risk people with primary series and boosters
  • Countries need support resolving unique bottlenecks, most commonly demand-side and health workforce challenges
  • ACT-A requires additional funding to address these challenges

Top Priority

For greatest impact and equity it is crucial to prioritize vaccinating highest risk groups (healthcare workers and the elderly), as well as pregnant and immunocompromised groups.

Primary series coverage

About 18% of highest risk people globally need to be vaccinated.



Health workers




Sources: COVAX COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership, Data & Analytics. Note that it is difficult to get accurate counts of total health and care workers in many countries. Currently 56 out of 155 countries report data indicating 100% of the HCW population are vaccinated. Thus the data should be interpreted with some caution.

How to proceed

Step 1

Identify key bottlenecks

68% of countries reported either of these as key bottlenecks:

Demand-side challenges

Health workforce challenges

Step 2

Improve country readiness

Doses can be delivered only after countries report being ready to accept them. 5.3 billion doses are currently secured and waiting to be shipped.

Step 3

Accelerate vaccination rates

Continue to support low and lower middle income countries to increase the number of people they vaccinate in order to reach their own national targets.

Sources: WHO Essential Health Survey Round 3 (November – December 2021), COVAX COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership, Data & Analytics

Close the funding gap

$1.85 billion in funding is still needed

Funding would be used toward relieving bottlenecks around demand challenges, health workforce challenges and much more. For a complete view, see the ACT-Accelarator Strategic Plan & Budget.


Funding secured

$1.85 Bn

More funding needed

Sources: ACT-A Commitment Tracker; ACT-A Strategic Plan & Budget (Oct 2021 - Sep 2022)
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The diagnostics target is for all countries to achieve testing rates of 1 per 1,000 people per day in 2022. Testing is needed to identify disease hotspots and track the emergence of new, dangerous variants.


The therapeutics target is to treat all severe cases of COVID-19. Treatments, including medical oxygen, are needed for those severely affected by COVID-19 or to prevent those in at-risk groups from progressing to severe disease.

Protection of Health Workers

The target is to ensure that health and community care workers have the necessary personal protective equipment and training to apply appropriate infection prevention and control practices.

Collaboration and Partners

The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator and the Multilateral Leaders Task Force on Scaling COVID-19 Tools are groundbreaking global collaborations to accelerate development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines.

Launched at the beginning of the pandemic, these partnerships bring together governments, scientists, businesses, civil society, philanthropists, global health and finance organizations. The ACT-Accelerator agencies are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CEPI, FIND Test Tracker, Gavi, The Global Fund, UNICEF, Unitaid, Wellcome, WHO, and the World Bank. The Multilateral Leaders Task Force comprises WHO, the WTO, the World Bank and the IMF.

These organizations have joined forces to speed up an end to the pandemic by supporting the development and equitable distribution of the tests, treatments and vaccines the world needs to reduce mortality and severe disease, restoring full societal and economic activity globally in the near term, and facilitating high-level control of COVID-19 disease in the medium term.

Partner's tools include IMF-WHO COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker.

There is no time to waste in the fight against COVID-19. No one is safe until everyone is safe.

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