Antigen tests for companies a chance to quickly verify the health of employees

Antigen tests for companies a chance to quickly verify the health of employees

Want a quick way to check if any of your employees are sick with coronavirus? Get screening tests for COVID-19 at your company’s premises.

Testing for COVID-19 reduces the risk of illness and the danger of having to shut down your company as a result of isolating too many employees. In addition, being able to test for the condition makes employees feel much safer in each other’s company and does not have to stress about being in the workplace. With antigenic testing, employees know after just a few minutes whether they are infected with coronavirus.

Genetic testing on COVID-19 for companies

For several months now, we have been performing RT-PCR respiratory swabs not only at patients’ homes, but also at companies. (Check out the tests for employees on Covid.) Our properly secured specialists then come to the premises on an agreed date to collect material for testing from enrolled employees. Then each of them receives the results online, thanks to the individual code received after the collection, which is a very convenient solution.

The genetic test, which is a respiratory swab, assesses with 99% efficiency whether the patient is currently infected with SARS-CoV-2. The test is recommended for those with symptoms and those who do not have them and may be undergoing coronavirus infection in an asymptomatic or sparse manner. Waiting time for the result is 3 to 6 working days.

Antigen tests for Covid for companies

Screening tests differ from genetic tests primarily in their ability to quickly verify the health of a large group of people. With the results obtained in a very short time, a person with a positive result can be almost immediately isolated from healthy people, allowing the team to continue working uninterrupted.

What is an antigen test?

The antigen test is a rapid test designed for the professional diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and in November the Ministry of Health recognized that it provides the same basis for determining coronavirus infection as the RT-PCR respiratory swab.

With this solution, symptomatic patients receive information about infection much sooner and can begin home isolation without infecting more people. Importantly, in this case, the RT-PCR swab is not necessary to refer the patient for isolation. The test is designed primarily for people who have the characteristic symptoms of coronavirus, and has a success rate as high as 90%.

What is the implementation of the antigen test for employees?

The material to be analyzed for the antigen test is the material taken from the patient’s nasopharynx with a special swab. It is then placed on the test plate in a dedicated area. After a few minutes or so (depending on the manufacturer of the test), the result appears.

A positive test result is indicated by two lines – red and black. The red line also appears when the result is negative, as it serves as a control, indicating whether the material was correctly placed on the plate.

How to order an antigen test to a company?

Ordering an antigen test with on-site fulfillment looks similar to RT-PCR swabs. The employer, knowing the number of people who would like to verify their health status, can contact us through a dedicated form. We will then prepare an individual offer and arrange a convenient date.


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