Guidelines for diabetics in the era of the pandemic

Guidelines for diabetics in the era of the pandemic

We hope we will clear up your doubts about SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in diabetics in the article below.

What precautions should diabetics take?

For diabetics, what is also important, as well as taking standard safety precautions (disinfecting hands, wearing a mask, social distance), is to prepare for isolation or illness. People with diabetes should take care to gather:

  • contact information for a doctor, pharmacy, relatives (family, friends living in the area) or other people or institutions that will help in a coronavirus infection situation;
  • a list of medications and dietary supplements used (for the information of doctors, emergency responders);
  • a supply of insulin for at least a week;
  • a stockpile of products containing simple sugars – these will help balance sugar levels in case of sudden weakness due to hypoglycemia;
  • glucagon and urine ketone body strip tests (for those on insulin treatment).

It is also very important to test blood glucose levels regularly. Information about the latest result will help to effectively treat and monitor the health of a diabetic who has been infected with coronavirus.

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What to do if the condition worsens?

Diabetics with deterioration of health should contact their doctor. Before the visit/teleportation, prepare:

  • the last glucose measurement result;
  • the result of the measurement of ketone bodies in the urine;
  • information on the amount of fluids taken.

If you are diabetic, make an effort to accurately describe your symptoms and ask your doctor how you should proceed to help yourself recover. Also, try to change your eating habits to those consistent with a diet for diabetics.

If you suspect you have contracted coronavirus or have been confirmed to have the disease, you can also call the National Health Fund’s helpline. The specialists manning the helpline will help you address concerns about your individual situation.

How to proceed after contracting COVID-19?

After undergoing a coronavirus infection, it is a good idea to observe your body and monitor your health to prevent the long-term effects of the infection. If you have had the infection, perform a package after you have passed COVID-19. By ordering the service from our service, you will perform a health check at home, on the date of your choice. In this way, you will save time and reduce the risks associated with repeat infection.

Remember that the course of COVID-19 largely depends on the overall condition of your body, so get regular checkups, maintain a healthy lifestyle and implement treatment as soon as possible in case of any health problems!


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